code 0026

user not known (error code 0026)



This error may occur if unsupported special characters are used for name, last name and other fields during user creation
Example special characters are: |, ^, ´, `

Another reason can be a wrong user-type.
The user-type is set during creation of the user.
Please ensure to always create new users either via
within a customer in tab "employees"

If you create a new user via MASTERDATA > PERSONS the user-type will not be set correctly. This can only be fixed by the support team.

Recommended action

Please check the user details for special characters and adjust accordingly, then try again.

If the user was created via MASTERDATA > PERSONS you have two options:
1. Delete the recently created user and create a new one via either SETTINGS>EMPLOYEES or within the customer in tab "employees"
2. Note down the error code and Salesperson number of the user (or the xxx) and send a message to the brodos support

Further Information for 1st level support

report incident