code 0035

product configuration not found
(Product not found - searched by ean13 & cspid) (error code 0035)



This error-message can occur for products from type POR / PinPrint and Direct-TopUp (serviceid= 1 and 2 in ContentCard HTTPs API).

This error usually occurs for new products / product EANs which have not been obtained before.

The error-message indicates that a relevant product configuration needed to properly process the request cannot be found. The system cannot find the EAN of the product or cannot find a necessary technical configuration for that EAN.

Retrying the same transactaion without interaction from your Distributor will not alter the outcome.

Recommended action

As this error-message is belonging to technical product-configurations please note down the error-code and contact your Account Manager or your distributor.
The operative product teams will be able to investigate and solve this issue during working days.

Further Information for 1st level support

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