code 4229

terminal ID already in use (error code 4229)



This error can occur if the parameter terminalid is used in the HTTPS API call.
The terminal ID needs to be unique amongst all connected parters for unique identification.
This error occurs if the sent terminal ID is already in use in some other tenant.

Recommended action

Instead of using the parameter terminalid which needs to be unique amongst all conntected partners,
please consider to user the parameter deviceid instead of terminalid.
The deviceid needs to be unique for the combination of a tenant (cspid) and a customer/store (customerno) only.
As a short term alternative you can also change the used value for parameter terminalid, but please be aware that the same error can occur for each terminal ID.

In case you need an updated version of the API specification or further help please contact your brodos- / ContentCard Account Manager.

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