code 500

Invalid mapping (error code 500)*



If this error occurs there might be a problem with the configuration of the Kiosk on server-side.

Recommended action

You can first try two things:

a) Shutdown the device and restart it, there is a method how you can restart the Kiosk:
1. Please power off the Kiosk by pressing and holding the powerbutton for 5 to 10 seconds.
2. After that please also disconnect it from powersupply.
3. After this please connect the device with the powersupply again and power it on.
4. The Kiosk should now restart again.

b) Uninstall the Kiosk app and re-install it, there is a method how you can do this.

> For uninstalling the Kiosk app:
1. Go to the settings of the Kiosk device.
2. Click on the Apps in the settings.
3. Search for the app " Kiosk" and Click on it.
4. You will see the option of uninstall and click on it.
5. App will be uninstalled.

> For re-installing the Kiosk app:
1. Click on the Google Playstore in your apps in Kiosk Device.
2. In Playstore navigate to via the menu (3 horizontal bars).
3. Click on "My apps & games".
4. Click on the Kiosk app in My apps & games.
5. Confirm the download by pressing the button "Download".
6. Confirm to finish the download by using Google Playstore.
7. The download should now start.

In case this error does persist please note down the error code and the product and contact to support:

Timings: Monday to Friday (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM)
Number: +49 9133 7770 800

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