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Error code Error description Error handling
TQ00101 I get the error message ‘There is a problem with the bssl service’ code-0001
TQ00102 How can I verify if a PIN got used / redeemed already? code-0001
TQ00104 While creating an invoice for a mobile device including a contract the message ‘internal error’ is shown code-0001
TQ00105 Login not possible due to missing login button code-0001
TQ00106 The prepaid money has not been credited to my account code-0001
TQ00107 Switching back from sales mode in products catalogue is not working code-0001
TQ00108 How do I find out if a sale transaction was cancelled (how do I find the cancelled transaction)? code-0001
TQ00109 BSSL cannot get installed code-0001
TQ00110 There is no button to order a product in product catalogue (although a purchase price is shown) code-0001
TQ00111 Missing vouchers (invoices, credit notes) in financial file (FIBU-file) code-0001
TQ00112 Opening a PDF using Mozilla Fire Fox only show an empty white page code-0001
TQ00113 CSV-button is missing in detail view of invoice / credit-note code-0001
TQ00114 I am looking for a specific serial number, but cannot find any invoices or credit notes code-0001
CQ00115 How can I export my sales documents as CSV? code-0001
CQ00116 I have received Itunes cards and would like to sell them in my brodos store. Where can I find the list for scanning the items in the checkout? code-0001
TQ00117 Printouts of receipts / bons and PINs do look bad code-0001
TQ00118 Delivery address is missing in order process for goods in my EPOS system code-0001
TQ00119 I would like to order goods via my customer access, but I am missing a delivery address in the selection code-0001
CQ00120 Where do I see how many ContentCard transactions I am charged for ? code-0001
CQ00121 How can I change my own company address on my sales documents? code-0001
CQ00122 I want to cancel the EPOS management system. How can I do this? code-0001
TQ00123 I cannot edit any positions in delivery notes code-0001
TQ00124 My security token is broken. What should I do and how to get a replacement? code-0001
CQ00125 How can I define or change the printer for documents from EPOS management? code-0001
TQ00126 I cannot see a certain menu or functionality in the system (but colleagues can) code-0001
CQ00127 How can I reprint a ContentCard receipt? code-0001
CQ00128 I am looking for the invoice or credit note for a specific serial number, how do I find the document? code-0001
CQ00129 How can I change the number of documents printed in the checkout area? code-0001
CQ00130 How can I change the daily limit for an account? code-0001
CQ00131 How can I change the daily limit for an employee? code-0001
TQ00132 I have set permissions but the new menu or functionality cannot be used / cannot be seen code-0001
CQ00133 How can I look up / reprint a ticket closing time again? code-0001
TQ00134 I cannot choose a printer (drop down for printer is empty) code-0001
TQ00189 The PC activation / registration E-Mail is not sent / not received code-0001
TQ00190 Error during PIN Import CON-100 code-0001
TQ00194 The is not loading - error 503 service unavailable code-0001
CQ00195 How to write an invoice excluding 19% tax? code-0001
TQ00196 I can't change the sales person at a customer number code-0001
TQ00197 I can't activate my PC for ContentCard - Access Denied code-0001
TQ00198 I can't comment an activation ticket in my ERP system code-0001
TQ00199 I can't create a ticket in the activate module code-0001
TQ00200 Where can I find the stock inventory list? code-0001
CQ00201 How can I book goods into my stock that have not been provided by brodos (for example from Marketplace)? code-0001
TQ00202 Login not possible, Login attempt fails with error message (Invalid login data) code-0001
TQ00203 Documents are stuck in the printer queue and I cannot print anything code-0001
TQ00204 I get the error 'access denied' on the landing page code-0001
CQ00208 I can't add a specific article to the calculator code-0001
CQ00211 I can't find a contract under Activate code-0001
CQ00214 How can I test brodos EPOS? code-0001
CQ00215 Where can I find the detail view for invoices and credit notes? code-0001
TQ00217 Creation of parcel stickers in is not working code-0001
TQ00218 The entered GLN is not correct (wrong check-digit) code-0001
TQ00219 The entered value is invalid code-0001
TQ00220 The entered GLN does have a wrong format (amount of characters, used characters) code-0001
TQ00221 Login connection failed code-0001
TQ00224 Articles can't be found even if the correct EAN has been scanned code-0001
CQ00225 In the gross margin is an unknown invoice with specific Value date. How to get the Invoice? code-0001
TQ00226 Thermal printer prints everything too small or too big code-0001
CQ00227 Invoices are not created in the correct new billing intervals code-0001
CQ00228 How do I cancel a cash desk receipt? code-0001
CQ00229 How do I create new terms of payment? code-0001
TQ00230 I can't see my all logins. Why? code-0001
TQ00231 I want to change the VO numbers in the calculation code-0001
TQ00232 I can't add articles to invoices via serial number code-0001
CQ00233 Can I somehow check my limit for digital products? code-0001
CQ00234 How can I change the payment terms in an invoice? code-0001
CQ00235 How can I remove articles from being shown in warehouse stock? code-0001
TQ00236 What to do when 'Adding a contract is only possible for articles with a valid serial number and a quantity of 1.' appears code-0001
TQ00237 I don't find the tracking numbers in my incoming invoices code-0001
TQ00238 Gross profit comparison doesn't load and attachments won't open code-0001
TQ00239 The descriptions of my articles are deleted after editing them in a voucher code-0001
CQ00240 I want to buy a handy from a private person code-0001
TQ00241 I can't find a service point or a customer code-0001
CQ00242 I want to add a coupon to an invoice code-0001
CQ00243 Do I have a possibility to check what has been ordered via Kiosk? code-0001
TQ00258 I have changed the name of an employee, but the old name is still displayed at the top left next to Settings code-0001
TQ00263 I got an extra invoice after changing the billing interval. Why? code-0001
TQ00272 Where can I find the button for creating a new invoice / to write an invoice? code-0001
TQ00273 An article shows 'excl. 19.00' / The total sum is not calculated correctly / An article is without VAT on the position code-0001
TQ00426 I did not get my accounting run file code-0001
TQ00437 I receive the message "Register your PC" when purchasing ContentCard articles. Why and what I have to do? code-0001
TQ00453 How can I create new articles via "Master data" or "New article creation"? code-0001
TQ00454 How can I create my own categories for articles? code-0001
TQ00455 My network printer does not print code-0001
TQ00456 How can I give regular customers a discount on service and accessory articles? code-0001
TQ00457 I want to print a delivery note, but do not have a button for it code-0001
TQ00458 I use several virtual PCs and have problems with the cash register settings or PC registration code-0001
TQ00459 I bring a new PC to my branch. What do I have to set? code-0001
TQ00460 The PDF for the accounting run is white code-0001
TQ00191 My issue is not listed - I cannot find any matching issue code-TQ00191