code CON-100

Error during PIN Import (error code CON-100)*



The pin import was not successful.

Recommended action

Please check:

  • The content of the file does not correspond to the valid format (see below for a description).
  • The validity date of the PINs in the file must be in the future.
  • The file has an incorrect file type (must be. pgp,. gpg or. asc).
  • The file got encrypted with the correct .pgp-key.
  • The file got encrypted at all (do not upload without encryption).
  • The file does not contain PINs that have been imported before already.
  • The file may not contain duplicates.
  • The column Value must have the same value with which the product was created.
  • One or more products of this file are not yet configured properly to get uploaded (e.g. MIN/MAX settings). In this case please get in touch with your system-administrator or your distributor to get it configured.
  • One or more entries in the file do carry a PIN with too many characters (maximum: 40).
  • One or more entries in the file do have special characters which our system cannot process.


Sample CSV content

ProdID Value Currency Serial PinCode Date
4831 0.00 EUR 1417920 4560826248359388 31122099
4831 0.00 EUR 1417921 6671769349826956 31122099



  • The first line is the headline and shows the description of each column.
  • Seperator of the columns is a comma “ , „
  • The file type must be either .txt or .csv

Column description and formatting

  • ProdID = internal unique product number of ContentCard
  • Value = Product value RRP (decimal separator is a dot “ . “)
  • Currency = currency code of the product (e.g. EUR, USD, GBP) according to ISO 4217
  • Serial = Serial number of the PIN/license-code
  • Pin Code = PIN or license code
  • Date = Validity of PIN in DD/MM/YYYY format

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