code K1002

Server connection problem (error code K1002 / MK1002)*



Your Kiosk got an internet connection, but it is not connected to our server.

Recommended action

1. Please update the Kiosk app first: Instructions starting on page 33 of the workbook

2. Follow the instructions to install the missing certificate:

  • Exit the running Kiosk app.
  • Open the "Browser" app.
  • Type into the URL bar and open the link.
  • Download the certificate (download should start automatically).
  • You will be asked for the certificate name. Enter "DigicertGlobalRootG2" into the field and confirm the entry.
  • A popup appears. Confirm by clicking on the OK button.
  • You must select an unlock variant. Select "Password".
  • Enter any password that you can easily remember. For example 1234.
  • You will now receive a confirmation at the bottom of the screen that the certificate has been installed.
  • Open the kiosk app and check if the software now works without problems.

Note: You can now remove the set password (or the selected unlock variant).

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