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Onlineshop & Up2date product support

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TQ00529How can I check what is posted on my social media channels?

Error code Error description
TQ00146 Where can I log in?
TQ00147 I forgot my password. How can I get / set a new one?
TQ00148 I forgot my username. How can I get it again?
TQ00149 How can I change my password?
TQ00150 How can I change my E-mail address?
CQ00151 How can I change Header information?
CQ00152 How can I swap images in Header?
CQ00153 How can I change imprint data?
CQ00154 How can I create a new menu item?
CQ00155 Can I change the order of the menu item?
CQ00156 How can I change the content of a menu item?
CQ00158 How can I change the colour of the menu bar?
CQ00159 How can I integrate the news feed of my Facebook page?
CQ00160 How can I integrate Google Maps?
CQ00161 Can I use my own URL?
TQ00264 My browser shows insecure site for my Onlineshop
TQ00330 Can I display my own prices?
TQ00468 How do I store my SSL certificate for my Onlineshop hosted by brodos?
TQ00486 SSL certificate has expired / page is insecure / unsecure connection
TQ00494 When can I move my domain from my current provider to Brodos? Is this only possible at the end of the contract?
TQ00509 Which settings do I have to define for my e-mail programme?
TQ00511 I cannot access Onlineshop section
CQ00246 My dealer data in the Onlineshop/website is wrong
TQ00514 Using your third-party domain for your Onlineshop
CQ00247 How can I block an appointment on my Website/Onlineshop?
TQ00519 How to create an Instagram Creator account (mobile)?
TQ00520 How can I link my Instagram account to my Facebook profile?
TQ00521 How can I confirm my Instagram account link?
TQ00522 I host my domain with myself or a third-party provider. Which SPF entry do I have to set so that emails don't end up in my customer's spam?
TQ00526 How can I set up a mailbox?
TQ00527 How does the order processing work in my Onlineshop?
TQ00528 How can I check what is posted on my social media channels?
TQ00529 I cannot send any e-mails. I get a message that an [IP] is not authorized to do so
TQ00530 I would like an up-to-date overview of my active omnichannel contracts
TQ00531 Data backup for domain transfer
CQ00249 How can I change images in my onlineshop?
TQ00532 How can I cancel my Omnichannel product?
TQ00191 My issue is not listed - I cannot find any matching issue