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CQ00166 What is the cost of my-Store.TV App?
CQ00167 With which hardware you can use the my-Store.TV App?
CQ00168 Which channels are available?
CQ00169 How can I play the contents?
CQ00170 What exactly is played in the respective channels?
CQ00171 How often are the contents of the channels updated?
CQ00172 How can I change the channel?
CQ00173 How does the update process work?
CQ00174 Do I have to be online all the time?
CQ00175 Does the bandwidth of my Internet play a role?
TQ00246 The displayed channel is outdated
TQ00247 The date is set to 31.12.1970 and cannot be updated
TQ00248 The Google Account cannot be synchronised
TQ00249 The monitor works normally but shows a green image after some time (the channel continues to run)
TQ00250 The monitor works normally but stops after some time and shows a white image (the channel stops)
TQ00251 The monitor only shows the my-Store.TV start screen
TQ00252 The monitor only shows the Google splash screen (4 coloured circles)
TQ00253 The monitor does not show any image at all (black remains)
TQ00254 The monitor doesn't show any picture (black) variant: 2 monitors are connected via a Splitter (often mounted in the furniture meter)
TQ00255 How to check/read out the MAC address?
TQ00425 How can I check my Internet connection?
TQ00452 There are black pauses / a black picture between the transition of the advertisements
TQ00472 How can I reset my device?
TQ00487 How can I find out the Android version of my device?
TQ00532 How can I cancel my Omnichannel product?
TQ00191 My issue is not listed - I cannot find any matching issue