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Error code Error description
TQ00100 App download is not working ('downloading')
TQ00103 Click on the homescreen does not jump into category view, but stays in home screen view
TQ00135 My Kiosk seems frozen. What can I do?
TQ00137 My Kiosk is broken. What should I do?
TQ00138 Article pictures do not get loaded
TQ00139 No connection in playstore
TQ00140 In menu ‘update data now’ everything shows N/A
TQ00141 After updating the Kiosk to the latest version the display is flashing
TQ00142 Downloading and installation of new updates are cancelled / interrupted and do not complete
TQ00143 When opening playstore it shows the error message 'an error occurred'
TQ00144 Printer is not working
TQ00145 The Kiosk app is running in multi window mode
TQ00193 My device is not connecting to the internet
TQ00205 My Kiosk displays the error ‘Error when retrieving the data'
CQ00213 I want to send my Kiosk back. Should I use the original packaging?
TQ00222 Kiosk does not start or stuck in boot sequence (e.g. 'XORO')
TQ00223 Manual configured time and date are incorrect after restarting Kiosk
CQ00243 Can I check what has been ordered via Kiosk?
TQ00244 Is it OK to put a micro SD card into my kiosk device?
TQ00256 I have a pixel error or colours are not displayed correctly
TQ00266 Kiosk does not automatically jump to the advertisement screen (splashscreen) anymore
TQ00267 Kiosk doesn't start the Kiosk app automatically after restarting
TQ00268 How do I find the MAC address of my Android device?
TQ00269 How do I perform a factory reset on my Android device?
TQ00279 How do I switch the Kiosk on?
TQ00280 Once the kiosk has booted, do I need to start the kiosk software separately or enter a password?
TQ00281 How do I connect the kiosk to my WiFi?
TQ00282 I don’t know my system ID and/or my (online) shop URL!
TQ00283 My logo is not shown on any printout!
TQ00284 How do I get up to date prices and stocks?
TQ00285 How does my kiosk access new products and/or categories?
TQ00286 Can product categories be hidden?
TQ00287 Can I hide goods which I have in store?
TQ00288 How can I manage my own prices in the kiosk?
TQ00289 Do I need an ERP system for the kiosk?
TQ00290 What should I do if the kiosk freezes?
TQ00291 Which printer do we support ?
TQ00292 What should I do if the printer doesn’t work? Who should I contact?
TQ00293 How and where do I change printer paper?
TQ00294 Where do I get paper for the printer?
TQ00295 You receive an error message while using the kiosk (e.g. when placing an order)?
TQ00296 How do I update the kiosk software on my kiosk?
TQ00297 What should I do if the kiosk is faulty?
TQ00298 When the order is completed?
TQ00299 What happens when the customer takes the printout to the checkout?
TQ00300 What happens with a "shopping basket" which is printed off without an order being completed?
TQ00301 Do I need to take payment for the goods and when?
TQ00302 Where are goods delivered to?
TQ00303 Why does the customer’s address have to be entered when placing an order?
TQ00304 What happens if the customer comes to collect the goods and decides that they don’t want the ordered product after all?
TQ00305 What happens if the customer doesn’t pick up the ordered product?
TQ00306 Can the customer cancel the purchase, or do they have a right of return?
TQ00307 Who covers the costs for returns?
TQ00308 Where should I return the goods to?
TQ00309 Is there a difference in the order procedure between Marketplace items and goods kept in stock by Brodos?
TQ00310 Who gets the invoice for the ordered goods?
TQ00311 Are dispatch cost incurred?
TQ00312 Who should I contact if I have any questions about the order or delivery?
TQ00475 Kiosk app should not start automatically / Kiosk app starts automatically
TQ00477 What is the password that is requested in the app?
TQ00479 How can I create an account with GMail / Gmail?
TQ00480 How can I tell Brodos my own GMail / Gmail account?
TQ00481 How can I delete a previously saved GMail / Gmail account at the kiosk?
TQ00482 How can I deposit my own GMail / Gmail account at the kiosk?
TQ00487 How can I find out the Android version of my device?
TQ00530 I would like an up-to-date overview of my active omnichannel contracts
TQ00532 How can I cancel my Omnichannel product?
TQ00191 My issue is not listed - I cannot find any matching issue