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TQ00163 What is the status of my delivery?
TQ00164 I have some problem with my delivery, To whom can I address this to?
TQ00165 My order does not get processed
TQ00331 Where is my delivery?
TQ00332 My package has not arrived, what's next?
TQ00333 My package arrived damaged, what options do I have?
TQ00334 My delivery is not completed, what's next?
TQ00335 The wrong goods were delivered, how is the exchange done?
TQ00336 The product quality is not as described, what options do I have?
TQ00337 The product does not work, how is the exchange done?
TQ00338 When will my goods be shipped?
TQ00339 Where and when can I pick up my order?
TQ00340 How will my order be delivered?
TQ00341 How long does the delivery take?
TQ00342 Can I choose the parcel service?
TQ00343 Can the goods be delivered to a packing station?
TQ00344 How do I return goods?
TQ00345 What is the status of my return?
TQ00346 When do I get my money back?
TQ00347 What do I have to consider when returning goods?
TQ00348 I have contacted my dealer, but I have not received any feedback
TQ00349 I have initiated a return shipment, but I have not received a refund from my dealer
TQ00350 I am a retailer and would like to join Logic
TQ00351 I have ordered something for pick-up, but could not pick up the goods in time
TQ00352 I have sold something through my Onlineshop for home delivery. When I will receive my credit?
TQ00353 How can I cancel my order?
TQ00532 How can I cancel my Omnichannel product?
TQ00191 My issue is not listed - I cannot find any matching issue