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TQ00102 How can I verify if a PIN got used / redeemed already?
TQ00106 The prepaid money has not been credited to my account
TQ00108 How can I find out if a sale transaction was cancelled (how can I find the cancelled transaction)?
TQ00109 BSSL cannot get installed
CQ00176 What does POSA mean?
CQ00177 What is Content Kiosk?
CQ00178 What is Mini Kiosk?
CQ00179 What advantages I have when marketing digital products from ContentCard?
CQ00180 What type of digital product sales are there?
CQ00181 How can I activate ContentCard as a merchant?
CQ00182 How can I carry out direct recharges as a dealer?
CQ00183 How can I print out PIN codes as a merchant?
CQ00184 What technical connectivity options does ContentCard AG offer?
CQ00185 Can I sell ContentCard digital products without an online POS system or technical connection?
CQ00186 Why ContentCard is the right partner?
CQ00187 What advantages does Content Kiosk have for my business?
CQ00188 What are the technical requirements for operating the Content Kiosk / Mini Kiosk?
TQ00189 The PC activation e-mail is not received
TQ00190 Error during PIN Import CON-100
TQ00194 The is not loading - error 503 service unavailable
TQ00197 I can’t activate my PC for ContentCard – Access Denied
TQ00221 Login connection failed
TQ00230 I can’t see my all logins. Why?
CQ00233 Can I check my limit for digital products?
TQ00263 I got an extra invoice after changing the billing interval. Why?
TQ00532 How can I cancel my Omnichannel product?
TQ00191 My issue is not listed - I cannot find any matching issue