code 0035

Product configuration not found (Product not found - searched by ean13 & cspid) (error code 0035)*



This error-message can occur for products from type POR / PinPrint and Direct-Top Up (serviceid= 1 and 2 in ContentCard HTTPs API).

This error usually occurs for new products / product EANs which have not been obtained before.

The error-message indicates that a relevant product configuration needed to properly process the request cannot be found. The system cannot find the EAN of the product or cannot find a necessary technical configuration for that EAN.

Retrying the same transaction without interaction from your Distributor will not alter the outcome.

Recommended action

As this error-message is belonging to technical product-configurations please note down the error-code and contact your Account Manager or your distributor.
The operative product teams will be able to investigate and solve this issue during working days.

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