I cannot select a printer when printing (printer selection is empty) (TQ00134)

Recommended action

If you receive this error means that the bssl (Brodos System Support Library) is not running on your PC or the printer is not configured properly or cannot be detected.

First please verify if the bssl is running on your PC:

1. Enter the following URL address into your web browser and confirm:

a) If you receive the error "connection failed / connection error“ or "website not available“ instead,
the bssl is either not installed on your PC or not running.

In both cases please please download the current version of the bssl using the following link and install it:
Download bssl

Afterwards please reload the website and try again.

b) If you instead get the response "it works!" this means the bssl is installed and running properly on your PC.
In this case a restart of the web browser and the PC might be helpful.

2. If you experience this error while printing of voucher please verify
- That your printer is powered ON and properly connected with your PC.
- That you can print any other documents with this printer.

If you have issues with this already, please ensure that your printer is properly connected, is powered on and the proper drivers and settings are installed.
If you instead were able to print successfully there might be some issues with the printer configuration in brodos.net settings.
In this case please return to the website within brodos.net where you wanted to print your document.
Before printing, please click on the name of your printer (located below button to print) and change the printer to any other printer for a moment and save the settings.
Straight afterwards please do the same and change the printer back to its original value and save again.
After that printing should be working again.

Alternatives if printing does still not work
In case you can still not print any documents via brodos.net, please consider using the following alternative ways to get your document printed:

a) If your printer is working in general
- Please choose a PDF-printer to print the document via brodos.net > afterwards open the PDF and print it as usual on your desired printer.
- If existing try to use a different PC to print on your desired printer.

b) If your printer is not printing at all
- Please choose a PDF-printer to print the document via brodos.net > by this you can save the document on your local PC to print it at some later point.
- If existing try to print on a different physical printer.

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