The PC activation e-mail is not received (TQ00189)

Recommended action

The PC activation / registration E-Mail will be sent to all users of your customer number / of your system that do have the correct permission for this.

If you do not receive such E-Mails you maybe do not have the necessary permission for it.
In this case please consult your system-administrator as he is able to grant you this permission as well he can directly activate your PC as he is receiving those E-Mails.

If you should receive those E-Mails but still don't, please check that those E-Mails are not eaten by your spam- /junk-filter of your mailbox.

Please also ensure, that the maintained E-Mail address is configured properly at your user account and in case it is wrong adapt it accordingly.
After you have done so, please close your web browser. Afterwards open it again, log in and navigate again to the page where the PC registration was shown.
By doing so the activation E-Mail will be sent another time.

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