Error during PIN Import CON-100 (TQ00190)

Recommended action

If this error occurs, this can be due to various reasons:

  • The content within the file is in line with the specified format.
  • The validity date of the PINs is set to some date in the future.
  • The file type is either .pgp, .gpg oder .asc.
  • The file got encrypted with the correct .pgp-key.
  • The file got encrypted at all (do not upload without encryption).
  • The file does not contain PINs that have been imported before already.
  • The file may not contain duplicates.
  • One or more products of this file are not yet configured properly to get uploaded (in this case please get in touch with your system-administrator or your distributor to get it configured).
  • One or more entries in the file do carry a PIN with too many characters (maximum: 32).
  • One or more entries in the file do have special characters which our system cannot process.

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