How do I update the kiosk software on my kiosk? (TQ00296)

Recommended action

1. Exit the Kiosk via the menu in the upper right corner by clicking on Exit Kiosk (Password: exitapp).












2. Here you go to the Playstore.









3. Click on the menu at the top left and then on "My apps and games".









4. Start the download of the update by clicking on "Update".









5. Please "Accept" possible and necessary permissions.









6. After the download and the automatic installation, start the software by clicking on "Open".









(The size of the update ranges between 60 and 80 MB and can take up to 5 minutes depending on the data connection)

7. The database will be unpacked automatically. Congratulations! The latest version of the kiosk software is now running on your kiosk. Enjy the new articles and functions!