How can I check my Internet connection? (TQ00425)

Recommended action

1. Attach a mouse to the device.
2. Close the app on the device.
3. Open a web-browser.
4. Enter in the web-browser.
5. Check if the site is loading.

If you receive an error or the page is not loading continue with the following steps:

1. Open the SETTINGS on your device.
2. Navigate to Wireless & Networks Wi-Fi.
3. Check if your Wi-Fi is ON.
> If your Wi-Fi is ON already, turn it OFF for a few seconds and then turn it ON again.
> If your Wi-Fi is OFF then turn it ON.
4. Check also on the right side if you are connected to the correct WIFI access point > if not, choose the correct SSID of your Wi-Fi and connect to it.
5. After this open the web-browser again and enter to check if you can connect to the Internet.

In case you cannot find your Wi-Fi SSID in the list please ensure that:

1. Your Wi-Fi -Modem or -Router is up and running. Consider to restart it.
2. That the signal strength of your Wi-Fi-Modem or -Router is sufficient. Try to place your device closer to the Wi-Fi-Modem or -Router to see if your Wi-Fi SSID is available then.

If you checked all the settings above but you are still not connected to the Internet, try to re-initialize the Wi-Fi USB dongle:

1. Unplug the Wi-Fi dongle which is connected on the back of your device on a USB port.
2. Consider to restart your device before plugging in the dongle again (see Power and Reboot).
3. After the reboot plug in the Wi-Fi dongle again and check your Internet Connectivity again.

If you still cannot connect to the Internet please also consider to check your Modems or Routers port-settings. To connect to brodos- or ContentCards services you need to ensure that the following ports are open:

  • 80
  • 443
  • 8443