I receive the message “Register your PC” when purchasing ContentCard articles. Why and what I have to do? (TQ00437)

Recommended action

PC registration and approval is required to use ContentCard and only approved PCs can purchase and sell virtual products.

When I select "Assign new PC name"?

  • You want to use a new, additional PC with brodos.net.
  • The "Use existing PC name" drop down is empty.

When I select "Use existing PC name"?

  • You want to replace an old, no longer used PC.
  • This PC was already registered, but you receive this message again.

Why I have to register my PC again?

There are several possibilities why a PC "loses" its registration or is no longer recognised.

  • You have exchanged the hardware of your PC.
  • You have reinstalled your operating system.
  • You have updated your operating system. The update was profound.
  • You have registered another PC and selected an existing PC name.


  • After you have selected a name, click on "Ok" in the middle.
  • All accesses to your customer number with the right "ContentCard Admin" will receive an email regarding the activation. Admin accesses are usually the accesses of the managers.
  • In this email there is a green button "Activate PC". The administrator must click on it and then login to brodos.net.
  • If this has happened, the message appears that the PC has now been released.
  • The released PC must reload the ContentCard page once and can purchase virtual products.

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