How can I give regular customers a discount on service and accessory articles? (TQ00456)

Recommended action

This requires two steps:

1. Set up articles entitled to a discount on a separate merchandise category.

  • Open an article entitled to a discount under Master data -> Articles -> Search.
  • Click on "Edit".
  • Select a merchandise category under which you want to group these articles (Note: It may be necessary to create a new merchandise category first).
  • Save the change to the article.

2. Discount entitled customers to a special discount.

  • Open the discount for authorised customers under Master data -> Customers -> Search.
  • Click on "Edit".
  • Select the button "on product groups" at the bottom right under "Special conditions".
  • Add an entry for the merchandise category and the regular price list that the customer usually likes (default: UVP).
  • In the "Discount 1" column, enter the desired discount in percent to be applied to all prices in this price list for the product group for the customer.
  • Save the changes.

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