How can I register for the FiBu Automatik? (TQ00499)

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Please follow this registration form :

Explanation of terms used in the registration form :

1. Purchase side financial file
CSV data, contains the bookings between Brodos AG and the dealer on the purchasing side. The CSV can be read in via Datev and the corresponding incoming invoices and incoming credit notes are booked.

2. Advice note clearing file
The direct debit of one day is combined to one sum. In the payment advice file, this total is divided up again among the individual documents. The Brodos account is balanced by these documents, the actual bank entry is also made against this intermediate bank account, which is therefore set to 0.

3. Beginning of the fiscal year (ex. 01.01)
The financial year (fiscal year) is the period for which the operating results of an enterprise are finally recorded. The financial year is an important time frame in accounting: here the financial year begins with the opening balance sheet and ends with the closing balance sheet. The closing balance sheet is the balance sheet that establishes the operating results of a company for the financial year in question.

4. End of the financial year (ex. 31.12.)
See point 3.

5. Chart of accounts
Standard Chart of Accounts (SCC) contains a list of the accounting accounts relevant for holdings. The various charts of accounts are tailored to specific economic sectors or branches. The most widespread are the SKR03 and the SKR04 standard charts of accounts.

6. Automatic account
Individual automatic accounts are G/L accounts from which VAT is automatically calculated and posted. Automatic accounts are included in the DATEV chart of accounts by default. Therefore Brodos delivers the financial accounting file only with 'automatic accounts' by default.
INFO: it is up to the tax consultant whether he works with automatic accounts or not. This function can be adapted by the tax consultant in the tax software to his own needs!

7. Brodos personal account
Customer (debtor) account. In accounting, the entry of receivables and payables is done through this account.

8. Mail address for sending data
Where should the financial accounting file and/or the avis file be sent to?

9. Message purchasing-side financial accounting file
In which frequency should the purchasing side financial file be sent (weekly or monthly)?

10. Notification of payment advice clearing file
How often should the payment advice file be sent (weekly or monthly)?

11. G/L account length
Usually 4-digit to max. 8-digit and is the posting account or cost of sales account according to SKR.

12. Consultant number
The identification number of the Datev consultant

13. Client number
Your identification number with your Datev consultant

14. Payment account
Money account on which the credits and debits are booked (parked) by Brodos.

15. Digital data medium once (annually)
For a one-time fee of 49.99 €, Brodos AG will provide a data carrier including all invoice and credit vouchers for one year.