Which settings do I have to define for my e-mail programme? (TQ00509)

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  • Incoming mail server (POP3 server, IMAP server, incoming mail)

Depending on whether you want to use your e-mails via POP3 (e-mails are retrieved from the server) or via IMAP (e-mails remain on the server), the corresponding server names are: pop3.variomedia.de or imap.variomedia.de. The default port for POP3 is 110, TLS or SSL encryption can be used via port 995. The default port for IMAP is 143, TLS/SSL encryption can be used via port 993. The secure password authentication must not be activated.
For encrypted connections, please use TLS or SSL (via the TLS/SSL ports) or StartTLS (via the standard ports).

  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP Server, Outgoing Mails)

The name of the outgoing mail server is smtp.variomedia.de. It can be used via three different ports: 25 (old standard port, no longer recommended for mail clients), 465 (TLS/SSL encryption) and 587 (current standard port for mail clients). The outgoing mail server requires a login (authentication) with the same data you use to log in to the incoming mail server (see above).
Encrypted connections are supported via TLS/SSL (via port 465) or StartTLS (via the standard ports).

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