Since 01.04.2021 I can’t book withdrawals and deposits (TQ00515)

Recommended action

Since 01.04.2021, it is required by law to categorise manual "withdrawals" or "deposits" according to DSFinV-K incidents.
In simple terms, this means: a more detailed description of what type of booking it is.

Here is a short step-by-step guide:

1. Login to your EPOS with administrator access.

2. Click on Sales -> Cashier -> Withdrawal/Deposit.

3. Click on the dropdown to select an incident.















4. Click on the button "Delete / Edit / Sort".















5. Now click on the table symbol to the right of the business transaction you want to use.















6. Select the corresponding DSFinV-K incident in the dropdown.

Your tax advisor can help you here if you are not sure which incident to choose.







7. Click on "Done".




8. Click on the dropdown again and click "Done" there as well.















9. Please reload the page now or log out briefly and log in again.

10. Now you can make the bookings.

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