How can I set up a mailbox? (TQ00526)

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To create a mailbox on our servers, please log in to the customer menu at Click on your domain name and then select the tab "E-mail addresses". There, please click on "Add E-Mail Address" on the right.

You can then enter the name of the mailbox (e.g. "info"), select the desired domain or subdomain and assign a password with at least 8 characters. Permitted characters in the password are:

  • all letters without umlauts (A-Z and a-z)
  • all numbers (0-9)
  • the space character
  • the following special characters:
    • . , $ / _ * ! # @ + - &

The mailbox will be set up and ready to work after one minute at the latest. To find out how you can now send and receive e-mails via your PC, please refer to the links below:

As an alternative to setting up via the customer menu, you can also set up mailboxes and email forwarding via our API.

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