How can I check what is posted on my social media channels? (TQ00528)

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Every Friday, the upcoming posts for the following week are entered into your Facebook Creator Studio.

If you do not check them, they will be published by default on the set date.

How can you check, adjust or delete them? Just follow these instructions.


Step 1:

Go to


Step 2:

Log in with the details of your private Facebook account that you use to manage your business page. If you are already logged in to another tab in the same browser, this step is not necessary.


Step 3:

Click on "Content collection" in the left column.


Step 4:

Click on "Planned" in the top menu.


Step 5:

Now you can check the planned contributions and adjust them if necessary.


Step 6:

To switch to Instagram, click on the Instagram logo in the top menu.


Step 7:

All posts will now be displayed again, click on the post to go to edit mode.

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